MCA International

Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I), invites media communications professionals to enter the highly acclaimed MCA-I Media Festival to compete for the revered Golden, Silver and Bronze Reel Awards.

The MCA-I Media Festival celebrates excellence in media communications. Since 1978, Golden Reel honors have been highly coveted and recognized internationally for their prestige. The name stands for creativity and advancement in technical applications.

Each entry is reviewed by panels of industry professionals from across the country and around the world, many of who are Media Festival award winners themselves. Panels are made up of 7 judges. The MCA-I Media Festival is one of a very few festivals that provide feedback to the entrants from the judges.

Entries are evaluated on effective use of the medium, creativity, production values and technical quality in three areas:

  • Message Design (48%)
  • Creative Elements (32%)
  • Production Elements (20%)

The Media Festival uses the Olympic Scoring Method. The high and low scores are omitted and the entry receives the average of the five remaining scores. Each entry recognizes excellence as described above. As with many other competitions, entries do not compete against each other and there may be more than one Golden, Silver or Bronze reel in a category.