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R.I.P. Enoch van Joe Farm ~ 8/22/05 - 05/14/14

Respect comes from knowing the value of something and not forcing your parameters on it's existence.

Dave Kroyer with Enoch van Joe Farm

Being around dog sport awhile, I've seen some amazing things.  Some I was fortunate to catch on video or I wouldn't have believed, things that simply "flowed".  The start seemed normal, generally with a concrete plan and clear direction, but somehow something happened and it went somewhere with an unexplained motivation, an understanding without words, gestures or reason.  A combination of things working together all at once like it was obviously going to happen, but nearly incomprehensible beforehand.  A remarkable interaction, understanding, communication or breakthrough.

It's beautiful and unmistakable when it happens.  It lasts moments, seconds or minutes.  Of course it comes from repetition, familiarity, trust, and respect between teammates- an understanding of how each partner will support the other when it's both easy and hard.  Taking slack, giving room, it's about feel and experience.  It's teamwork certainly- but over days, weeks and years it's more.  It's openness, the freedom to try without consequence and the patience to allow behavior to happen.

It seems like a sixth sense, an insight through experience that something isn't quite right on one day and knowing all the pistons are firing on another.  Knowing when you can get a bit more or need to ease off.  Having faith in the foundation and knowing their heart will really be in it even when you're a bit concerned- knowing they will try for you, not just because of the training.  A soft eye, a nuzzle into your hand, a lean on your leg and a big happy face.  It will all be fine- "we've got this".  Yes.  Teamwork.

He was a pleasure to watch, be around and video.  Awesome.  He had the stuff and was a gentleman.  He was truly something and he adored Dave.  I think it was mutual.  There were many of those hard to believe moments with him, a few that really stand out.  It's a shame they have to go so soon.  We're so truly sorry Dave and Karen, great dogs leave big holes.  RIP Enoch, travel well.

"They say there is a doorway from heart to heart, but what is the use of a door when there are no walls?" ~Rumi




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