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AnneMarie Silverton


AnneMarie Silverton is a nationally - known professional dog obedience trainer. Her dogs, and those of her students, win consistently, both locally, at the State level and nationally. Her OTCH's, and those of her students, have won Gaines Cycle Classics and Regionals, and have placed in all the different divisions for many years. They have won Multi High-In-Trials and High-Combined's, plus multi perfect 200 scores in Open and Utility. Her dogs, and those of her students, work with exuberance, accuracy and precision.

AnneMarie conducts numerous seminars and camps throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and England. She has also had her own radio talk show devoted to dog obedience and general public care. She has developed a series of eight Dog Competitive Obedience Videotapes, and she has been a guest writer for the AKC-Gazette and Front & Finish. AnneMarie is currently writing a book on obedience training. She trains private students one on one during the week and gives Seminars around the country at weekends.

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