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Canine Training Systems' The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs: Obedience 3 with Joanne Fleming has been selected as 2011 Videographer Award of Excellence Winner.

Columbia, MO- June 01, 2011- Canine Training Systems, the leading provider of broadcast quality instructional training titles for sport, service and companion dogs, today announced that The Videographer Awards has selected their most recent offering, The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs with Joanne Fleming: Obedience 3, Heeling, the Recall and Motion Exercises as a 2011 Videographer Award of Excellence Winner. 

The Videographer Award of Excellence was awarded to those projects that judges deemed were written, produced, shot and edited in an exceptional manner.  Approximately 14 percent of the entries won this award.  Award of Exellence winners are listed on the Videographer Awards website at

Obedience 3 extends the depth of instructional content with Joanne Fleming, a Canadian dog sport competitor and coach known for her powerful motivational approach to dog training.  Joanne's students have achieved multiple high-in-trials, Regional and National wins as well as International placements in competitive obedience and the dog sports Schutzhund and IPO. In 2007 Joanne won the LV DVG America Schutzhund Championships and went on to place 5th at the DVG Bundessieger Prüfung in Germany with her dog Enno vom Fuchsstein.  She has competed with 5 breeds in multiple disciplines with tremendous success and attracts crowds at her many seminars on multiple continents.

“Joanne’s methodical approach to training dovetails with our approach to production,” commented Doug Calhoun, writer, director and producer.  “It’s not only about conveying a methodology of training, but presenting it in a beautiful way that gives appreciation to what dogs mean to us in coupled with creative story telling.”


Product Highlights

            • This production details the final steps in preparation for world class heeling

            • The integration of verbal markers into the training routine is demonstrated

            • Through the concept of discrimination learning, the dog is taught correct

                gymnastic skills for correct turns in heeling while common problems are

                discussed and solutions presented

            • The sit, down and stand are taught as “positions” and integration into

               complete motion exercises is detailed.

            • This Hi-Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio production is available in both the

               English and German language on professionally authored and replicated

               DVD for playback on the widest variety of consumer equipment.


Pricing and Availability

The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs with Joanne Fleming: Obedience 3, Heeling, the Recall and Motion Exercises, is immediately available through the Canine Training Systems worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Canine Training Systems website at for an MSRP of $69.95.  The website contains a detailed outline as well as excerpts from the 72 minute title. 


About Canine Training Systems

Founded in 1987, Canine Training Systems is the worldwide leader in instructional titles for pet owners, dog sport competitors and industry professionals.  The company’s success lies in its ability to couple with the experts in service, sport and companion dog training and deliver their techniques to consumers through the most up-to-date delivery formats.  With the strength of their growing expert list, no other organization in the market place can offer the variety of techniques, disciplines, depth of knowledge or quality of product that Canine Training Systems provides it’s worldwide customer base.


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