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Canine Training Systems' On Target: Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare: Detection 1 has been selected as a 2005 DV Award Winner.

Columbia, MO- December 05, 2005- Canine Training Systems, the leading provider of broadcast quality instructional training titles for sport, service and companion dogs, today announced that The DV Awards has selected their most recent offering, On Target: Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare: Detection 1 as a 2005 DV Award Winner.

The DV Awards are graded on various items including creativity, technical merit and execution of ideas.  A nominating committee views and recommends entries to quality as Finalists.  From there they are viewed by a panel of judges that are seasoned professionals in the industry with an average of 20 years experience.  They have a diverse background representing all areas of production including cinematography, art direction, editing, sound, scriptwriting, animation and visual effects.

On Target: Training Detector Dogs with Randy Hare: Detection 1 is the first in the Detector Dog series with Randy Hare. Randy Hare’s approach to Substance Detector Dog Training is groundbreaking.  The only Award Winning title of it’s kind; Randy’s approach is decidedly unique, proven and applicable to any substance whether narcotic, explosive or biological.  In this title Randy Hare demonstrates his techniques for completing the first 3 Objectives in his detection technique.

Detection 1 begins with a critical analysis and review of conventional detector dog training methods, and then presents the core ideas of the Hare Method.  Randy Hare’s method utilizes his invention, the Hare Detection Training Box, to achieve the first three objectives in the system.

“I am not one to rave over every new found training method. How much can be new after 30 years in full time dog training?  However, I can't help being excited and motivated after seeing your detector dog videos. I believe this will revolutionize detector dog training worldwide,” states Melanie Guthrie of Guthrie International.  “I have been a professional dog trainer since the early 1970's and owner/operator of Guthrie's International. I've spent lots of time working with the Dutch and German Police dog trainers long before the borders opened. Still plenty of practice in and around Amsterdam, Enschede.  Their methods are good, however they don't compare with your program.  I believe the Hare Method produces the most reliable detector dogs I have ever seen..”

Product Highlights

            • How to teach the dog to divert his attention from reward to target odor.

            • The establishment of a cue for search behavior.          

            • Vehicle Searches and the Oral Response

            • An explanation and teaching of the “Oral Response”.

            • How to develop the dog’s ability to complete prolonged searches.

            • This production is a professionally authored and replicated DVD for

               playback on the widest variety of consumer equipment.

Pricing and Availability

On Target: Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare: Detection 1, is immediately available through the Canine Training Systems worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Canine Training Systems website at for an MSRP of $79.95.  The website contains a detailed outline as well as excerpts from the 70 minute title.

About Canine Training Systems

Founded in 1987, Canine Training Systems is the worldwide leader in instructional titles for pet owners, dog sport competitors and industry professionals.  The company’s success lies in its ability to couple with the experts in service, sport and companion dog training and deliver their techniques to consumers through the most up-to-date delivery formats.  With the strength of their growing expert list, no other organization in the market place can offer the variety of techniques, disciplines, depth of knowledge or quality of product that Canine Training Systems provides it’s worldwide customer base.

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