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    The DVD Pre-Order offer of Nose Work 2 and Concepts in Reinforcement- Food Training with Dave Kroyer will end very shortly. These titles are currently streaming only and due to high requests, we're doing a 1X run of DVD's for those that want to complete their set or can't stream video for various reasons. We'll notify those that have ordered once the actual delivery date is known. We apologize to anyone that hasn't heard about the pre-order as we have no plans to order additional discs. There is still time to order at the links below! If you know of a friend or trainer that has expressed interest, please spread the word, once they're gone, they're gone...

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    The award-winning videos you want from the Cream of the Crop technical experts. World Champions, international competitors, the best coaches and seminar presenters still all in one place. Streaming automatically in one of 8 different bit rates and codecs in stunning HD at home or on your mobile device at the training field. We have you covered no matter your internet speed or location. Watch when you want, where you want. Available internationally which means fast, gorgeous streams of video. GET STARTED NOW!

    Over 83 Broadcast Quality titles from our library so far...

  • Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 2- The Search

    Lifetime Purchase Streaming NOW!

    Now a 2016 Bronze Telly Award Winner

    Now a 2016 AVA Awards Gold Award Winner

    The follow up to the 5X International Award Winning, The Indication is streaming! Featuring Dave's techniques for expanding the search, isolating odors, handler detailing, vehicle searches and more!

  • Concepts in Reinforcement - Training with Food with Dave Kroyer

    Streaming NOW!

    By initially working completely on the dog’s agenda, Dave demonstrates how to mentally condition the dog to fully engage the handler for work while utilizing food predictability and reward schedules to shape and strengthen behaviors at the correct stages of training. A variety of food types are discussed for both the benefit of nutrition and ease of delivery. Through an explanation of the many benefits of the use of food as a primary reinforcer for teaching behaviors, Dave also explains the pitfalls of using prey reward to establish behaviors. Through understanding the stages of training, motivators in general, the relationship to communication and many misconceptions surrounding use, we will introduce you to the tremendous benefits of food as a primary reinforcer.

  • Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov: The Retrieve

    Streaming NOW!

    Ivan's innovative approach to the divide between inducive and compulsive methods is bridged in this, the third, in the Obedience without Conflict series. Through the use of tension and minimum force, Ivan demonstrates this innovative technique for creating a world class retrieve through the isolation of the "hold" behavior. The distinction between holding and gripping is made clear and the topography of the retrieve is discussed and taught step by step.

  • Competitive Agility Training with Jane Simmons-Moake: Obstacle Training

    Streaming NOW!

    This Award-Winning video with Jane Simmons-Moake illustrates how to teach your dog to negotiate each dog agility training competition obstacle safely and efficiently, with excellence in mind. A strong emphasis is placed on the principles in building a strong foundation for sequence and advanced competition skills.

  • NEW - 5 International Awards!

    Now a 2015 Bronze Telly Award Winner

    2015 Hermes Creative Gold Award Winner

    2015 Communicator Award of Excellence Winner

    2015 AVA Digital Awards Gold Award Winner

    2014 MarCom Gold Award Winner

    Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 1- The Indication
    This highly anticipated follow up to the 7X International Award Winning title, Learning to Learn, is a must-have for today's detection trainer. The Indication is the bedrock foundation of detection training, often trained in error by pairing primary reinforcers for association, this title details the steps in creating a clear, persistent, durable indication from the very start at the source of odor, not just it's scent.

  • 7 International Awards!

    Now a 2015 AVA Digital Awards Platinum Award Winner

    A 2014 MarCom Platinum Award Winner

    A 2014 Videographer Award of Excellence Winner

    A 2014 Telly "People's Choice" Award Winner

    and the list goes on...

    Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Learning to Learn
    Dave Kroyer is best known for his 9 appearances as a World Championship Team member in IPO and Mondio Ring Sport. He's a multi-dimensional trainer and judge competing and coaching in a variety of venues. This foundation title is must-have for today's trainer involved in the spectrum of dog sports. By making correct motor patterns a habit, conditioning 'Engagement' and teaching 'Targeting', 'The Spin', 'Get In' and foundation heel exercises at 'The Wall', Dave demonstrates the first 6-8 months of his detailed system of training.

  • Canine Training Systems' Advanced Nose Work Kit

    A Professional Grade Kit Designed for Everyone

    Nosework is a rapidly growing sport that every dog can enjoy from the competitive sport dog to the house pet. The power of the canine nose is unrecognized in most pet dogs and this activity provides every dog the opportunity to use his most prominent and likely least tapped sense- his sense of smell.

    The CTS Advanced 5-scent Nose Work Kit contains everything you need to get started in this exciting new sport!

  • The StudioDaily 50

    What an Honor!

    Adding to an already long list of production industry awards, Doug Calhoun, the innovative producer, cinematographer and editor at Canine Training Systems is gaining notoriety and has been named to StudioDaily’s esteemed Top 50 list. The inaugural list was compiled by the leading and award-winning news source for creative digital media, StudioDaily, with a focus on innovation in the production of movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos.

    Recipients were announced and honored at the prestigious Prime Awards held by Studio Daily, during NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, one of the industry’s biggest and most anticipated broadcast production industry conferences. The event was streamed live from the show floor world-wide.

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