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  • The Digital Gift Certificate

    The Perfect Gift for Everyone

    Digital Gift Certificates are a great way to donate to an event or cause, support your dog club, local K-9 Unit, commemorate an event or support the trainer in your life. What better way to gift than to give Canine Training Systems! They’re available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 dollar increments and can be purchased in combination or multiples to reach a desired amount.

    $10.00 - $100.00
  • NEW - 5 International Awards!

    Now a 2015 Bronze Telly Award Winner

    2015 Hermes Creative Gold Award Winner

    2015 Communicator Award of Excellence Winner

    2015 AVA Digital Awards Gold Award Winner

    2014 MarCom Gold Award Winner

    Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 1- The Indication
    This highly anticipated follow up to the 7X International Award Winning title, Learning to Learn, is a must-have for today's detection trainer. The Indication is the bedrock foundation of detection training, often trained in error by pairing primary reinforcers for association, this title details the steps in creating a clear, persistent, durable indication from the very start at the source of odor, not just it's scent.

  • 7 International Awards!

    Now a 2015 AVA Digital Awards Platinum Award Winner

    A 2014 MarCom Platinum Award Winner

    A 2014 Videographer Award of Excellence Winner

    A 2014 Telly "People's Choice" Award Winner

    and the list goes on...

    Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Learning to Learn
    Dave Kroyer is best known for his 9 appearances as a World Championship Team member in IPO and Mondio Ring Sport. He's a multi-dimensional trainer and judge competing and coaching in a variety of venues. This foundation title is must-have for today's trainer involved in the spectrum of dog sports. By making correct motor patterns a habit, conditioning 'Engagement' and teaching 'Targeting', 'The Spin', 'Get In' and foundation heel exercises at 'The Wall', Dave demonstrates the first 6-8 months of his detailed system of training.

  • The NEW Roca Sport Training Vest

    Redesigned for 2015

    Freshly updated for 2015! The Roca Sport Training Vest features a new bi-directional heavy duty zipper that opens from the top and bottom. Now with a total of EIGHT POCKETS. Two NEW snap pockets in the lower bellow pockets for controllers, clickers, whistles etc. Two NEW chest pockets below both logos for cell phone, small note pad, keys etc. The front of the Roca Sport Training Vest is now solid nylon with only rear mesh for durability. More durable, comfortable and customizable at the same price!

  • Canine Training Systems' Advanced Nose Work Kit

    A Professional Grade Kit Designed for Everyone

    Nosework is a rapidly growing sport that every dog can enjoy from the competitive sport dog to the house pet. The power of the canine nose is unrecognized in most pet dogs and this activity provides every dog the opportunity to use his most prominent and likely least tapped sense- his sense of smell.

    The CTS Advanced 5-scent Nose Work Kit contains everything you need to get started in this exciting new sport!

  • The CTS Leather Alternative Tracking Line

    Thorn, sticker and snag proof. Made in the U.S.A.

    The CTS Leather Alternative Tracking Line with solid brass hardware is waterproof, durable and amazingly easy to care for. They're riveted for additional strength in two places- the handle and snap for extra strength and durability. Our lines are in use with pet owners, sport dog competitors, K9 units, and many of our technical experts and their students. We love their ability to clean up easily and retain a like new appearance over time. Made of genuine Super Heavy Biothane.

    Available in a 15 ft or regulation 10M line.

  • The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs Tracking Set

    Expert: Joanne Fleming

    Joanne Fleming-Plumb has been successful as one of the top Schutzhund coaches in the country, having coached the 1997 and 1998 Vice World Working Dog Champion as well as her own 5th place at the DHV BSP. This series of tracking titles is the backbone of every footstep tracking system we're aware of. Over 130 minutes of detailed instruction including track preparation, distraction training, turns, removing food from the track, articles and more.


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