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Frequently Asked Questions

I live in the "boonies" and don't have a fast connection, will Podium View™ Stream video for me?

Yes, we encode each video at 8 different bit-rates (data rates). Our portal determines your internet connection speed and selects the version that will stream the best for that session. This occurs each time you stream so if your connection speed improves or declines, the appropriate version streams. In addition, our portal is connected to a network host which streams from the closest hub so you receive the most direct, congestion free connection.

Is there a way for me to test Podium View™ and see if it streams okay?

Of course! The first "Chapter" of each title is the trailer and it's encoded the same way each full length video is. You can play that anywhere on any device and see how it works for you. AND each title is listed by chapter so you can view or review any portion quickly and easily. Anytime. Anywhere.

Do Podium View™ videos "download" to my device?

Podium View™ is a streaming service. The video is transferred from a global network of servers, based on your location, to provide the optimized version for viewing. The incremental transfer doesn't reside on your device after you stop viewing. In short, the video is not available for offline viewing.

How secure is Podium View™?

It's secure for our benefit and yours. If your password is compromised, which means used by more than 2 ISP addresses, your account will enter "watchdog mode" until manually reset by Podium View™ administration. This is an automatic feature which is designed to prevent hacking and ensure secure password and login credentials. Your security and trust in our service is important to us and we take piracy and account abuse very seriously.

How does your Lifetime Purchase work?

When you purchase a title, YOU can view that title as many times as you like forever. It's that simple.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes, it is safe. Canine Training Systems® processes credit card transactions through a secure socket layer (SSL) provided by It's an Extended Validation SSL which means their people actually had to talk to our people (yep, on the phone even) and ensure we existed, we pay our taxes and everything was secure. In plain English, this means that your personal and credit card information is encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted and read as it travels through Internet space. Click the GoDaddy "Verified and Secured" logo at the bottom of the page to verify our SSL certificate. Read more about how serious we are about your privacy here: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

How do I know my privacy is protected and you won't sell my personal information?

Canine Training Systems® guarantees to protect and respect your privacy. You can read our policy here: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We have highly trained dogs that sniff out shenanigans and deal with them directly.

Can I make a purchase if I live outside the United States?

Canine Training Systems® delivers orders nearly everywhere. Available destinations are listed in the checkout process.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept payment through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Our amazing staff is available to assist you with your order. Call 1-573-214-0900 for customer support. English and dog training are the only languages available through our customer service department and we speak both fluently.

What happens to my order when submitted?

When you complete your order and click the "Submit" button, you will receive a confirmation of order via email. Most orders are processed within a few hours and we'll notify you of shipment details including tracking numbers. All ordinary communication regarding your order will be sent via email. Please be sure to provide us with a valid email address when ordering, creating or editing your account. It is vital for you to stay informed.

I ordered the wrong DVD, I'm seriously bummed out, can you help me out?

Cheer up, accidents happen but don't remove the shrinkwrap! Seriously. When we sell a disc, it's shrinkwrapped inside a shiny new case. This is done at the replication facility because we don't have a machine that shrinks plastic in our offices. This shrinkwrap, among other things, ensures it's an authentic Canine Training Systems® product. Because every new product is shrinkwrapped, one without the wrap is a beverage coaster.

We can exchange it for the one you meant to order if it's in new, sellable condition. This means unviewed (is that a word even?) inside the shrinkwrap. Because we sell information, once it's opened and viewed it's consumed. Contact us right away so we can get you what you needed. Our digits are at the top of the page.

To save you some scrolling, here ya go: 1-573-214-0900 or

I have many older titles on VHS. Is there any way to get DVD versions without paying the full price?

Absolutely! We have an Upgrade Program. We're cool like that...

What does NTSC mean and will your DVD's play in my country?

NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a format for analog video signals. NTSC media plays at 30 frames per second and 525 lines. PAL (Phase Alternate Line) signals play at 25 frames per second and 625 lines. North America and the majority of South American countries operate under the NTSC standard while European and Asian countries vary in standard, although most are PAL native. (Are you still reading this? The next paragraph is better.)

Although our products are digital, they are recorded in NTSC format and authored to DVD in NTSC format. ALL DVD players CURRENTLY sold in PAL countries play NTSC video. Ultimately, what matters is whether the product plays on your equipment. We ship worldwide daily and have had ZERO playability issues. We do suggest that you please verify your equipment prior to ordering. A playability issue isn't something we want you to earn a "first place" for.

Please be sure your DVD player will accept NTSC DVD's prior to ordering when viewing outside North America. If you're in a far away land and are unsure, it's likely we've shipped to another customer of impeccable taste close by.

Please contact us and we'll advise you based on past experience. We've shipped product nearly everywhere, really, almost everywhere. Lots of well trained dogs speak different languages.

The VAT and Duties are expensive, what gives?

We ship using a variety of shippers and because we ship combinations of videos, books, training products and supplies, shipping costs through our secure site are based on weight, dimension and method used. Shipping charges are based on real-time information from the shippers we use and DOES NOT include import duties, custom fees or tariffs specific to the country of destination.

It's not possible for us to know the import fees and taxes for every country we ship to or how those charges are assessed. We're working on training an army of monkeys to help with this, but the project is still in progress. Your transaction through Canine Training Systems includes product pricing and shipping charges. We won't be responsible for additional charges incurred at destination and advise that you verify what charges may be incurred prior to placing your order.

I left my DVD's in a hot car and they won't play, can you replace them?

Ouch! DVD's are optical disks that are read by a laser that interprets the pits and lands on the disk through distortion in the laser light as it scans the spiral path of the media (do you understand this stuff?). Scratches, smudges or environmental problems can damage not only the data layer but the coating material layer that covers the data side of the disc. Excessive heat can cause a separation of these layers or even warp the actual polycarbonate material itself.

Because optical discs are sensitive, we encourage you to take care in storage and handling. We don't replace discs that are damaged by abuse or neglect. We do want you to be successful so contact us and we'll see what we can do. For starters, we recommend moving your DVD player to a comfortable room, teetering on your dashboard seems dangerous.

I bought DVD's 3-4 years ago, can I return them for a refund?

Wow, 3-4 YEARS ago!?! We update our discs periodically to include our most recent catalog so a disc isn't just a disc. Our Sales and Returns Policy states 15 days return for discs in "New Condition" which means a shrink wrapped, undamaged, current version. We're really flexible but can't offer refunds on optical discs that old.

My dog ate my DVD/my DVD was run over by a moving truck, can you replace it?

That's depressing, but don't do anything drastic, like throw it away! We're guessing you bought it to help you train your dog (hopefully not to chew DVD's). If you keep the damaged disc and contact us, we'll work with you to get another in your DVD player. It makes little sense to not help you out, you bought one of the finest training product available, we'll reward you for that.

Because optical discs are sensitive, we encourage you to take care in storage and handling. We don't replace discs that are damaged by abuse or neglect but hey, accidents happen. P.S.- Please don't let your gorilla play with it.

My DVD won't play on my PC?

Our DVD's are tested on a wide range of available hardware and software platforms for playability when authored. We rarely, very rarely, encounter playability issues with our DVD's. This is largely because our discs are professionally authored and we replicate our discs, which ensures that each disc is identical to the glass pack master it's created from. Because it's more expensive and the minimum runs are larger than duplicated (burned) discs, we're very careful about testing our products.

We've been contacted a few times over the years about discs that won't play on some Windows computers. We test on Windows machines routinely. Because of the issues with Windows in the past - the various upgrades, patches and revisions - it's not possible to determine what the specific issue is on your machine; however, a quick internet search for "My DVD won't play on Windows version whatever" yields these results.

The following information is provided on a cursory basis only; if you have further issues please contact us directly:

We urge you to investigate or install each product at your own risk. I don't know that it's THAT risky, but our attorney said we had to say that...