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  • Training the Police and Military Working Dog Helper

    Expert: Franco Angelini

    The first exciting title for anyone interested in helper work for police and military K9 is available. Franco is a seminar presenter on multiple continents and is booked out nearly a year in advance. His seminar style and information is the benchmark in producing safe helpers with a strong basis in shaping and strengthening behaviors on hidden equipment and the body bite suit.

    These titles will detail Franco's techniques for creating a deep, committed approach and grip on the suit for a reliable K9 partner regardless of professional application.

  • Advancements in The Randy Hare Method of Detection Training

    Expert: Randy Hare

    Randy Hare's approach to Substance Detector Dog Training is groundbreaking. The only Award Winning series of it's kind; Randy's approach is decidedly unique, proven and applicable to any substance. Through the use of new designed Detection Box featuring the "POD", Randy simultaneously teaches the dog a clear detection response while neutralizing concomitant odors.

    Through the application of Pavlovian Conditioning of "game" at source with environmental conditioning (Skinnerian Conditioning), Randy consistently produces an incredibly successful detector dog that tenaciously pursues odor to source in these powerful NEW TITLES to his original series.

  • Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer

    Expert: Dave Kroyer

    Dave is a dynamic cross-trainer of dogs, having achieved success in Agility, AKC Obedience, Tracking, IPO and Ring Sport. Over the past 18 years, Dave's comprehensive understanding of animal learning and approach to training has earned him positions on nearly 20 World Teams with multiple dogs and breeds.

    Training Through Pictures is a comprehensive series for success across dog sport utilizing progressive techniques for any dog sport enthusiast.

  • Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov

    Expert: Ivan Balabanov

    Ivan's name is synonymous with success. A competitor on over 20 World Teams and a 2X World Champion, the Award Winning Obedience without Conflict Series is a groundbreaking approach to sport dog Obedience. Through clarity, the dynamic use of prey drive, marking and attention to detail, this broadcast quality series is the foundation of many competitors' toolsets and a current approach to excellence in multiple disciplines.

  • The National War Dog Memorial

    Honoring our Nation's War Dogs

    In the fall of 1998, Canine Training Systems was contacted by world renowned sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg about a memorial statue he was commissioned for that would stand to recognize and honor all military working dogs that served in battle. The commission was to commemorate the courageous acts of these dogs and recognize that their acts saved countless lives.


Each product has its own story.

The story that unfolds when we create a product, series or work with a new
Technical Expert involves tremendous effort, patience and dedication to excellence.

They involve scripting, pre-production, shot list creation, consultation, travel, location shooting and all of the details that go into editing, graphical design, final packaging and distribution.

There are challenges, snags, hiccups and hilarious moments that occur behind the scenes that make them incredibly memorable for us. Visit our Project Pages to peek into the process, the details, what inspired some of the decisions we made along the way and the fun we had. Click on a project below for details.

  1. 1. Franco Angelini - Training the Police and Military Working Dog Helper
  2. 2. Randy Hare - Advancements in the Randy Hare Method of Detection Training- Detection 4 & 5
  3. 3. Dave Kroyer - Training Through Pictures
  4. 4. Ivan Balabanov - Obedience without Conflict
  5. 5. The National War Dog Memorial