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Some Breathing Room

The new site is finally live!  It's been an arduous process but well worth it.  We have a blog, forum, and plenty of room for growth.  Our previous site was well organized but a bit clunky.  The new site architecture will allow for growth in multiple directions in many ways and we're really excited about it.  We still have some things to do behind the scenes and will have some announcements to make in the near future but we hope you'll take advantage of what's available now.


The new site offers :


Expanded Expert Bios- Many of the bios have been updated and expanded.  We've made things easier to navigate and access to information in multiple locations.


Project Pages- information from behind the scenes.  What went into production, what happened along the way and what we did during the process.  We have a few done but quite a few more to do.


FAQ's and Articles- we get lots of questions and requests and this area will be the repository for lots of great information from our experts in response to your questions and more!  This will go live in the coming weeks so get your questions in.


The Forum- your opportunity to network, share and benefit from the experience of others.  What's great is that our forum has an App that allows you to stay in touch 24/7 on your Apple devices, Android is coming soon.


The Blog- a view of our Digital Notepad.  You'll see things here that you won't find anywhere else.  Tips and stories from our Technical Experts, stories from the road, occasional Video Blog entries and a look into the seminars of our experts.


The Video Gallery- The Video Gallery has been updated and we can now sort video in multiple ways and deliver to multiple areas of the site at the click of a button.  We can also list clips from other outlets in our Miscellaneous Clips section.  We see lots of clips on YouTube and Facebook and can collect them in categories as a reference or for viewing at your leisure.


There's more on the way and we're open to your suggestions as well.  Many of you have been our customers for years and we'd like to just say "Thank You" for your continued support and business!


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