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Nosework is an exciting new sport for you AND your dog.

Utilizing the power of the canine nose to turn pet dogs into trained detectors! Dogs are used to indicate legal substances using a motivational, and fun approach to training. This type of scent detection is a great outlet for any dog and couples mental stimulation with constructive physical exercise. Because the detection response is based in instinct and trained through play and fun, any dog can participate. Even a novice trainer can be up and running very quickly with the common tenets of behavior shaping and reinforcement.

What's better is that the dog and handler can work virtually anywhere making it a win-win. Because there is no requirement for expensive equipment, its appeal is widespread. It's a fantastic way to interact with your dog in a natural way and incorporate their instincts and drives into a structured experience that builds confidence and teamwork for shelter animals, pets and even competition.

Levels of Competition are based on both scent recognition and environment. Multiple organizations offer a number of titles and a logical progression through a series of essential oil scents that include:

  1. Sweet Birch - Sweet Birch (Betula Lenta)
  2. Aniseed - Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)
  3. Clove Bud - (Eugenia Caryophylatta or Syzgium Aromaticum)
  4. Myrrh - "Myrrh Indian" Commiphora myrrha
  5. Vetiver - Vetiver- Vetiveria Zizanoides

Our award winning Nose Work training series, Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 1- The Indication and Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 2- The Search are incredibly popular and demonstrate in detail, a very clear, logical progression to training your dog for scent detection. You can learn more about them in the Nose Work category of our blog here or about the awards they've won here.

Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer - Nose Work 1 - The Indication

Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer - Nose Work 2 - The Search

Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer - The Nose Work Video Set

Canine Training Systems® 3 Scent Nose Work Kit

Canine Training Systems® 5 Scent Nose Work Kit

For a complete list of our Nose Work supplies and training aids, visit the Nose Work product section of our website!

For a list of titles offered by the American Kennel Club, NACSW or the United Kennel Club, please visit our dog sport titles page here.

For information about titling your dog or to find a trial near you, please visit:

The American Kennel Club, National Association of Canine Scent Work or United Kennel Club Nosework.


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