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Road to the Worlds 2012

2012 started out as a pretty uneventful year for me....but is ending with a bang. Making history is not easy!!!!  This year I qualified for 2 world champioships, in 2 different sports, with 2 different dogs....and I am going...yes I am crazy!!!   I am representing the AWDF this year at the FCI IPO 3 world championships with Italo zet Eurosportu AND representing USMRA at the Mondioring World championships with my Malinois Enoch van Joefarm.   No other trainer in the USA has ever accomplished this feat....and let me tell you it is not easy!!!!  Italo, my IPO dog is a GSD from the Eurosport breeding.  My Malinois Enoch is from Joe Farm.  I am leaving Sept 13th for the FCI in Hungary and returning Sept 24, only to get back on a transcontinental flight 5 days later to go to France with Enoch!!!  Needless to say...we are doing a ton of training at the moment! I am going to update this blog every few days to give a progress report of training. I may even surprise everyone with some training footage on vid. Stay tuned!! Dave


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