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Trailer Summary for Competitive Obedience with AnneMarie Silverton: Competitive Puppy

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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When preparing a puppy for competitive obedience, the techniques of AnneMarie Silverton are an excellent place to start. Regarded as one of the most successful and influential trainers in the last 25 years, her techniques for starting a puppy on the path to a successful future are detailed in this DVD. In the trailer, AnneMarie covers the basics of using food as a tool, how to handle it properly and it's role in the various stages of training. She warns that food can become a bribe as opposed to a motivator and explains the importance of fading lures during the correct instructional phases. Because the video is very direct and detailed it's beneficial for any breed and owner interested in pursuing competitive obedience. An exellent reference and informative watch, we highly recommend this DVD.