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Trailer Summary for Small Dog Fun Competing with a Small Dog: Novice Obedience

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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When starting to train your small dog in obedience this DVD is a great resource to have around. The video covers simple commands, like sit and stay, while demonstrating their use in competitive obedience. In the trailer, Gerianne Darnell and Barbara Cecil show how to teach 2 types of finish command- a right about finish and a "flip finish" or left finish. The techniques are geared toward the challenges faced when training a small dog however the content is excellent for softer dogs or anyone wanting a unique perspective into precision in placement and attention to detail. Through positive reinforcement techniques, this title will demonstrate the Novice Obedience exercises in detail. So, if you are just beginning to compete in obedience, what are you waiting for? Start training today with this DVD in hand.

Because incorrect positions are exaggerated in small dogs (they are more obvious), the detail this title provides makes it excellent for owners of medium and large sized dogs as well.