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Trailer Summary for Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 1: Clear Communication

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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Based on clicker training principles, the Balabanov method relies on voice signals instead of a mechanical device. Trainer Ivan Balabanov has had great success with his method, including winning the 2005, 2006 and 2007 AWDF Championships, the 2007 FMBB World Championships and 2007 FCI All Breeds World Championship. The central goal of the Balabanov method is to break each obedient skill down to its most essential concept and then teach the dog a full and explicit understanding of this concept. Clarity of communication between handler and dog is essential in this method of training, which requires a structure of rules and system of signals. To learn more about these signals and the structure required for success check out the trailer and DVD.