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Trailer Summary for Small Dog Fun Competing with a Small Dog: Novice Obedience

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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When starting to train your small dog in obedience this DVD is a great resource to have around. The video covers simple commands, like sit and stay, while demonstrating their use in competitive obedience. In the trailer, Gerianne Darnell and Barbara Cecil show how to teach 2 types of finish command- a right about finish and a "flip finish" or left finish. The techniques are geared toward the challenges faced when training a small dog however the content is excellent for softer dogs or anyone wanting a unique perspective into precision in placement and attention to detail. Through positive reinforcement techniques, this title will demonstrate the Novice Obedience exercises in detail. So, if you are just beginning to compete in obedience, what are you waiting for? Start training today with this DVD in hand.

Because incorrect positions are exaggerated in small dogs (they are more obvious), the detail this title provides makes it excellent for owners of medium and large sized dogs as well.


Trailer Summary for Competitive Obedience with AnneMarie Silverton: Competitive Puppy

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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When preparing a puppy for competitive obedience, the techniques of AnneMarie Silverton are an excellent place to start. Regarded as one of the most successful and influential trainers in the last 25 years, her techniques for starting a puppy on the path to a successful future are detailed in this DVD. In the trailer, AnneMarie covers the basics of using food as a tool, how to handle it properly and it's role in the various stages of training. She warns that food can become a bribe as opposed to a motivator and explains the importance of fading lures during the correct instructional phases. Because the video is very direct and detailed it's beneficial for any breed and owner interested in pursuing competitive obedience. An exellent reference and informative watch, we highly recommend this DVD.


Trailer Summary for Gone to Ground: The Jack Russell Terrier

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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We all know about the fox and the hound, but not many people know about the terrier’s role in fox hunting. As the video title, Gone to Ground- The Jack Russell Terrier, implies, the terrier traditionally would follow a fox to ground, into it's burrow or "earth". This trailer gives the viewer a well done history lesson that explains a lot about the modern Terrier breeds. The footage in this video is unique, complete with video of plexiglass tunnels in go-to-ground, terrier racing, and interviews with traditional English Terriermen. If you've ever wanted to learn about the Jack Russell, this video is for you.

Filmed in the UK and America, the video features interviews with professional terriermen, judges and emphasizes correct working type and character.


Trailer Summary for Herding I: Overview

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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From traditional roots, herding has become a sport that Jeanne Joy Hartnagle has dedicated her life to. The trailer for Herding I: Overview highlights how to train a young dog with stock, or the animals wanting to be herded. The video also goes into the fine line of the stocks flight or fight zone and how to control this when herding. Although a practical sport, this video makes training fun and enjoyable, while simplifying the complexity of the sport for better understanding. The name Hartnagle is synonymous with herding and their Las Rocosas Aussies have been a benchmark for the breed for decades.  This hallmark series is a classic!


Trailer Summary for The German Shepherd Dog, The German Way Video 1- Gait and Locomotion

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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Ricardo Carbajal is well known for his seminars on the structure and movement of the German Shepherd Dog. Therefore it is no surprise that The German Shephered Dog, The German Way Series focuses on these detailed seminars and is reminiscent of a History Channel series. The trailer on DVD 1- Gait and Locomotion goes into great detail about the bone structure and the shape of the dog, and how they impact the dog’s energy and efficient movement. Although highly technical, Ricardo is well experienced in explaining every detail of his complex analysis which makes these videos clear and understandable. These videos will not disappoint.  SV Judge Henning Setzer has said of the videos- "They are the best ever made on the breed.”


Trailer Summary for Clicker Fun: Click & Go- Getting Started

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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This award winning video series highlights the work of Dr. Deb Jones who specializes in social behavior and learning theories. This trailer touches on shaping, targeting, luring, and fading. All of these are further highlighted in her video series Clicker Fun with Dr. Deborah Jones. During the Click and Go: Getting Started trailer the clarity of the instructions and information makes this video easy for anyone to understand. Dr. Jones makes relatable references that reinforce her training techniques and teaching ability. For example, in the video she mentions Killer Whales and operant techniques relate directly to dogs. There series was written in a light hearted clear manner and is ideal for kids or novices to operant training methods.



Trailer Summary for Competitive Agility Training: Obstacle Training

Posted by Doug Calhoun

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The director of Flashpaws Agility Training Center in Texas, Jane Simmons-Moake is not only an author and an award winning agility competitor, but an avid teacher. Her impressive career has led to the production of the Canine Training Systems Award Winning video series on Competitive Agility Training. Carol Morris, who reviewed the set, said that the “tapes are superior not only for their content, but their clarity.” The first video in the series instructs viewers about tunnel training. The trailer goes into depth about overcoming reluctance, tunnel entry paths, and increasing distance. This video also covers the basics of many other obstacles in agility, such as: weave poles, the a-frame, the see-saw, jumps and the tire. This video is perfect to build a strong agility foundation for competition success.



Does this Clicker make me look fat?

When dog trainers are asked if they know what moment markers are, they invariably say "Yes, absolutely", and go on to explain the benefits and how great an idea it is to use them.  For anyone that doesn't know, a moment marker is just a signal (usually auditory) that the behavior that occurred at the moment of the "mark" was the target behavior the trainer was looking for.  It pinpoints a behavior in time for the dog.  When the mark is consistently paired with a primary reinforcer (food, toy, etc.), conditioning occurs.  The mark will come to elicit the same emotional reponse the primary reinforcer does.  At that point it's called a secondary reinforcer.  It doesn't happen immediately but can happen very quickly.  If a moment marker is followed by a reward, then the behavior that resulted in reward becomes important to the dog and he's more likely to repeat it.  It's pretty straightforward stuff.

Because markers isolate moments in time, it's a very clear, clean way to communicate with the dog in terms he understands.  As long as the marker/reward relationship is maintained, the strength and durability will remain.  Because dogs are masters of physical cues and body language, an auditory marker cuts through the static and makes target behavior identification very clear.  Simply listen for the mark!

Canine Training Systems ClickerI've seen and recorded dog trainers for years in the process of producing our award winning instructional titles and as the trends in training have leaned toward more "clean" techniques, the question of whether people use markers is asked more and more often.  The answer is almost invariably yes.  When asked what is used as a marker, the most common response is the word "yes" or "good".  Here's the hitch.  When many trainers claim they use markers, and I speak from having watched countless hours of video footage of it, they actually don't.  What often happens is that the verbal marker is changed, the inflection of it's use varies and it's appearance in training is very inconsistent.  BUT....some is better than none.  The majority of trainers are using a reward based system for teaching and shaping new behaviors and providing some level of feedback to the dog!  Even if a dog is trained with nothing more than leash and collar, it's better that he at least be told when he did the right thing than simply be punished for not doing it.  He would have a chance...

The clicker is a small plastic and tin noise maker devoid of emotion.  It does one thing.  It makes a unique sound.  It's a piece of equipment.  It's no different than a collar, leash, toy or any inanimate object.  Using one is simple.  From watching hours and hours of footage, I've observed that when a clicker is used, training is more thoughtful, marks are more well placed, progression is more rapid and problems are overcome more quickly.  I use one occasionally but should more often for many things.  A lot of people have issues with what's termed "clicker training".  What's meant by this term, generally speaking, is the use of purely reward based methods, with no behavioral consequence other than absence of reward.  No problem, if that's how someone wants to train, it's fine by me.  The opposite of a reward is, in the end, simply withholding that reward.  Corrections are something entirely different.

Because a clicker uses different skeletal muscles than speech and requires some effort to be accurate, it insists on attention to detail.  It's a unique sound to the environment (unless you train in a clicker testing facility) and requires thoughtful application.  The only con to using one is not always having one at the ready when you need it.  The worst thing that can happen in this instance is that your verbal marker timing is better and more consistent through practice with a clicker!  Not a bad trade off!  I'd recommend giving a clicker a try if you don't use one already and see if clearer marking benefits your training.  At the end of the day, that's what really matters.





Some Breathing Room

The new site is finally live!  It's been an arduous process but well worth it.  We have a blog, forum, and plenty of room for growth.  Our previous site was well organized but a bit clunky.  The new site architecture will allow for growth in multiple directions in many ways and we're really excited about it.  We still have some things to do behind the scenes and will have some announcements to make in the near future but we hope you'll take advantage of what's available now.


The new site offers :


Expanded Expert Bios- Many of the bios have been updated and expanded.  We've made things easier to navigate and access to information in multiple locations.


Project Pages- information from behind the scenes.  What went into production, what happened along the way and what we did during the process.  We have a few done but quite a few more to do.


FAQ's and Articles- we get lots of questions and requests and this area will be the repository for lots of great information from our experts in response to your questions and more!  This will go live in the coming weeks so get your questions in.


The Forum- your opportunity to network, share and benefit from the experience of others.  What's great is that our forum has an App that allows you to stay in touch 24/7 on your Apple devices, Android is coming soon.


The Blog- a view of our Digital Notepad.  You'll see things here that you won't find anywhere else.  Tips and stories from our Technical Experts, stories from the road, occasional Video Blog entries and a look into the seminars of our experts.


The Video Gallery- The Video Gallery has been updated and we can now sort video in multiple ways and deliver to multiple areas of the site at the click of a button.  We can also list clips from other outlets in our Miscellaneous Clips section.  We see lots of clips on YouTube and Facebook and can collect them in categories as a reference or for viewing at your leisure.


There's more on the way and we're open to your suggestions as well.  Many of you have been our customers for years and we'd like to just say "Thank You" for your continued support and business!


Canine Training Systems' The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs: Obedience 3 with Joanne Fleming has been selected as a 2011 MarCom Gold Award Winner.

Columbia, MO- November 07, 2011- Canine Training Systems, the leading provider of broadcast quality instructional training titles for sport, service and companion dogs, today announced that The MarCom Creative Awards has selected their most recent offering, The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs with Joanne Fleming: Obedience 3, Heeling, the Recall and Motion Exercises as a 2011 MarCom Gold Award Winner. 

The MarCom Gold Award was awarded to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm.  Approximately 18 percent of the entries won this award.  MarCom is administered by the AMCP (Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals), an international organization consisting of several thousand creative professionals.  A look at winners shows a range in size from individual communicators to media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.  The competition is so well respected in the industry that national public relations organizations, local ad clubs and local business communicator chapters are entrants.

Obedience 3 extends the depth of instructional content with Joanne Fleming, a Canadian dog sport competitor and coach known for her powerful motivational approach to dog training.  Joanne's students have achieved multiple high-in-trials, Regional and National wins as well as International placements in competitive obedience and the dog sports Schutzhund and IPO. In 2007 Joanne won the LV DVG America Schutzhund Championships and went on to place 5th at the DVG Bundessieger Prüfung in Germany with her dog Enno vom Fuchsstein.  She has competed with 5 breeds in multiple disciplines with tremendous success and attracts crowds at her many seminars on multiple continents.

“Trainers at any level, whether pet trainers, top flight competitors or professionals will appreciate this instructional title,” commented Doug Calhoun, writer, director and producer.  “The information is based in science behind the way animals learn, a standard for Canine Training Systems titles, it’s what makes our titles the best.”

Product Highlights

  • This production details the final steps in preparation for world class heeling
  • The integration of verbal markers into the training routine is demonstrated
  • Through the concept of discrimination learning, the dog is taught correct gymnastic skills for correct turns in heeling while common problems are discussed and solutions presented
  • The sit, down and stand are taught as “positions” and integration into complete motion exercises is detailed.
  • This Hi-Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio production is available in both the English and German language on professionally authored and replicated DVD for playback on the widest variety of consumer equipment

Pricing and Availability

The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs with Joanne Fleming: Obedience 3, Heeling, the Recall and Motion Exercises, is immediately available through the Canine Training Systems worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Canine Training Systems website at for an MSRP of $69.95.  The website contains a detailed outline as well as excerpts from the 72 minute title. 

About Canine Training Systems

Founded in 1987, Canine Training Systems is the worldwide leader in instructional titles for pet owners, dog sport competitors and industry professionals.  The company’s success lies in its ability to couple with the experts in service, sport and companion dog training and deliver their techniques to consumers through the most up-to-date delivery formats.  With the strength of their growing expert list, no other organization in the market place can offer the variety of techniques, disciplines, depth of knowledge or quality of product that Canine Training Systems provides it’s worldwide customer base.

Canine Training Systems Press Contact

Douglas Calhoun
+1(573) 214-0900

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