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What goes from 0 to 14 in dog years in two days? Training Through Picures with Dave Kroyer- Learning to Learn, that's what!

Canine Training Systems Wins 2014 Hermes Gold Award for Training Through Pictures- Learning to Learn with Dave KroyerIt's been a busy week.  Really. Really. Busy.  A new product release is always an exciting time and this week is no exception.  Thanks for the incredible feedback on our new DVD release, Training through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Learning to Learn. We love hearing about the difference a good instructional video makes for a dog-handler team, group instructor or student of higher education.  Clarity.  Detail. Performance.  Results.  Yes!  It's positive reinforcement (R+) for us and drives us forward.  We LOVE what our products do for our customers and we love to hear feedback.

We received a big envelope in yesterday's mail from the Hermes Creative Awards with the judging results of our entry in the 2014 competition.  We won a Hermes Gold Award!  The Hermes Creative Awards Competition is an International Competition with over 5,500 entries that honors "the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media".  We've gone from 35 industry awards to 37 in just two days.  We strive to produce a product that is not only educational but is produced to video production industry standards, is highly marketable and something our vendors have pride in offering.  It's also nice to have shiny, heavy objects on our desks to hold down our stack of outgoing order receipts, idea lists, scripts and goals.  This makes two awards in two days and it's only been shipping for two days!

Don't worry, we're busy working away on uncoming releases in The Kroyer Sport Dog Series and, as always, we truly appreciate your business.  Your patronage let's us continue making a difference through producing titles with the best of the best in dog sport.  Thank You.



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